Chain Link Fencing Ormskirk

Based in Ormskirk, Simpson Gore Ltd is a leading supplier of chain link fencing for commercial and industrial applications.


Our high quality chain link fencing is available in variety of heights (ranging from 3ft to 12ft) and thicknesses. Thicker types of chain link fencing are ideal for housing tigers and lions in zoological gardens. 

Chain link fencing at regular thickness is popular for use around playing fields, schools and can also be used as security fencing at commercial or industrial premises. Long lasting and easy to repair, chain link fencing is cost effective and effectual against unauthorised access. 

My chain link fencing systems come galvanised or you might choose a galvanised inner core with a green or black PVC coating. Inner cores are available at either 2.5mm or 3.5mm. The strong wire can be fastened onto metal or wooden posts. 

An overhang can be included at the top of the fence, if required, in order to prevent animals from being able to climb up and over the fence. I can also offset electric wires at the top of the fence which will help to keep animals contained safely. Electric wiring provides additional security and peace of mind for landowners. All chain link fencing supplied is of the highest quality and available at some of the most competitive prices in Ormskirk. 

If you live close to Ormskirk and would like to find out more about the advantages of chain link and electric fencing, and how it could be used to help you, why not get in touch with me today on 01704880328?

Further to my range of chain link fening, I also offer post and rail, security fencing and many other styles.