Horse Fencing in Ormskirk

First class horse fencing solutions from Simpson Gore of Ormskirk.

Horse fencing speaks for itself and is available in three sizes - 3ft, 3ft 6” or 4ft. This type of fencing is ideal for horses, as it prevents them from being able to get their shoe trapped, though it can be used to keep a wide variety of animals. I have reliably delivered horse fencing solutions to farmers, smallholders and equestrian yards throughout Ormskirk and the surrounding areas.

The netting in my horse fencing is pulled tightly with special pullers and stapled onto round, wooden posts. Cheaper than post and rail and more effective for the housing of horses, horse fencing keeps injuries to a minimum. If preferred I can install square posts with a rail on top which is more visible to your horse(s). 

Additionally, electric wire can be added for further protection or I can build up your horse fencing with high tensile fencing. 

If you would like the opportunity to discuss your individual requirements for horse fencing anywhere in Ormskirk and surrounding areas, contact Simpson Gore Ltd today.