Stock Fencing Ormskirk

Simpson Gore of Ormskirk can provide dependable livestock fencing to safely contain animals of all sizes.

Many farmers and smallholders in Ormskirk worry about keeping their livestock safe and secure. A good fencing system should not only prevent animals from straying, but should also effectively deter intruders.

Livestock fencing from Simpson Gore Ltd is just less than 4ft in height and ideal for keeping a wide variety of animals in. From horses, sheep and pigs to goats, cows and geese, you can rely on me to make sure that your livestock is safe. 

You can choose to finish your stock fencing with two high tensile barbed wires or 2 high tensile plain wires, all will be galvanised. Stock fencing is a cheap alternative to horse fencing which can be used to house all kinds of farmyard animals. 

All stock fencing is fixed to timber posts which can be subject to various spacing depending on your proposed use. Wider spacing is ideal if you plan to use our stock fencing simply to mark a boundary on your land. Galvanised or timber gates can be fitted to match. To maximise security, you may also consider incorporating electric wire. Simpson Gore can provide industry standard livestock fencing to suit all requirements.  

If you think stock fencing might be just what you need, contact Simpson Gore Ltd of Ormskirk today to find out more. 

We provide fencing solutions to suit most animals, though horse fencing is a speciality.